Wanda Ocean Teal

Today's (Monday 27th February) Colour of Cronulla: Cronulla Ocean Teal
C:53 M: 00 Y: 26 K: 0
R: 114 G: 202 B: 196

Pixel taken from @tscudo

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Autumn Pale Faces

Today's (Wednesday 7th March) Colour of Cronulla: Autumn Pale Faces

C:0 M: 10 Y: 25 K: 0
R: 255 G: 230 B: 194

Pixel taken from @nonsa80_swanette

First Day of Autumn

Today's (Thursday 1st February) Colour of Cronulla: First Sunrise of Autumn 
C:5 M: 75 Y: 33 K: 0
R: 229 G: 100 B: 125

Pixel taken from @nickersxxoo

The last of Summer's Orange

Today's (Monday 12th February) Colour of Cronulla: Cronulla Blood Orange

C:5 M: 80 Y: 95 K: 0
R: 224 G: 78 B: 29

Pixel taken from @kazmaz62

Cronulla Beach Peach

Today's (Sunday 11th February) Colour of Cronulla: Cronulla Beach Peach

C:0 M: 60 Y: 60 K: 0
R: 245 G: 132 B: 102

Pixel taken from @Vasharris awesome sunrise