Choosing the right art for your home.

Choosing the right art for your home.

As the creative Director of Cronulla Folk the most common question I'm asked is which print would be best for my home. There's no easy answer as it's totally subjective and depends what you're trying to achieve with your personal space. Artwork should be selected carefully to reflect your personality and should contribute to the overall vibe of your home. You don't need to brake the bank these days for quality artwork, there are plenty of great artists to be found online who could supply you with great artwork for your home at a fraction of the price you would pay on high streets and in the galleries. 

The Inspiring office.
This is surely the room that needs to behold the most inspiring of art pieces. You need to walk into your office space and want to create great things and therefore you need to showcase great art. In this room you can easily get away with having an eclectic collection of work that compliment and bounce off one another, small and large. It's also a good space to test and rotate some styles that you like, live with some artists work for a while and see if you truely love their craft. But remember, it's your work place so it's good to keep it inspiring and positive here.  

Featured Art: Full Moon Rising

The Bathroom. 
Just like your kitchen, this room is the most likely place that you've forgotten to consider as a place to hang your latest favourite artwork. This room is the place for those serene and calming pieces but also a great place to try and raise and smile from your bathroom visitors, while they have a minute to themselves. Here at Cronulla folk would strongly recommend this space be used to display your most favourite beach and surf vibe images but that's just us. Fresh and bright colours work best! 

Featured Art: First Dip of Spring
The Bedroom. 
Your bedroom is your safe haven and the place you need to feel the most relaxed. The artwork here should reflect this both in subject and on its tone. Choose relaxing art with reflecting scenes and lean more towards the pastels vs hash bold or dark colours. Also, you can talk to us about safely framing your art for above your bed as this can be a hazardous place to hang heavy framed prints. 

Featured Art: Springfinity #1

The Living Room. 
Your living room is your main event and should be showcasing your latest pièce de résistance. In this space your entire vibe lives and dies. Your guests will be at their most critical in your living room as they too know that these are the most considered walls in your home. You need at least one, preferably large and impactful print here. Conversational pieces and even controversial work should adorn your living room walls. Cronulla Folk choose this space to be the most bold and the most graphic. Our advice as always is, be brave. 

Featured Art: Bondi Retro #3

The Overlooked Kitchen. 
The kitchen is often overlooked as a space for art which is a shame as it's one of the most social rooms in your home. That's why you need lovely art in your kitchen! Look for those spaces that might be hidden by some ugly white appliance or consider a re-organising of the order of you kitchen to free up a small wall space you didn't know you had. Often local artists will be happy to re-format their artwork to fit your space, Cronulla Folk certainly offer that as part of our service. 

Featured Art: Party Wave

Happy art hunting! Drop us a line for any advice or creative direction. 
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